…Years ago Finlandscape turned my yard into a breathtaking outdoor living space, that each evening I loved coming home to. So moving to a condo years later it was very difficult, because I thought I would never have that kind of place again. But Finlandscape designed again an exquisite outdoor living room, that totally complemented our decor and lifestyle …even in a much smaller yard.
My little mud-patch became a traffic-stopper and a beautiful prime entertainment space. We have a waterfall, pergola, large bar area with dining space, that is completely private, fresh and colorful. People actually knock on our back gate and ask to come in and then never want to leave. Our friends call our new patio the “Party-O.”
Give Finlandscape a call, and let them put a smile on your face by creating a great place for you to relax!(Ali V.)

…We were looking just for synthetic turf, and Finlandscape was one of the few companies offering the product. Frankly, we had not intended to landscape the backyard, just lay the turf down in a straightforward manner that we now recognize would have been dull and unattractive.
Then, we met with Arvo. Let me sketch out some ideas, he said, and when he had done so, we were hooked. The entire landscape plan, which we were involved with every step of the way, was nothing short of fantastic — we never had thought the entire area as a whole in the way that Arvo proceeded to do, incorporating plantings suitable for the area, the climate, the setting, and so forth. His plan was beautiful and promised to transform a small ugly space into a showplace.
As great as the plan was, the execution was even better. Arvo worked with our concrete contractor and home architect to ensure that all blended together harmoniously. Then, sound and careful craftsmanship took over and turned plan into reality. Attention to detail and great care marked everything Finlandscape did, and we are so happy with the results. Having Arvo and his crew at our home was a pleasure, not something to be lived through; we all became friends, believe it or not.
I would recommend Finlandscape to anyone. Arvo is fantastic, and his crew reflects his demand for perfection. He also is a “dog nut,” who brought his beagle over to meet our pup. (The synthetic turf actually is laid out in a profile of our dog — wild!)
We were hesitant at first, but thank goodness we went with Arvo. We will never go anywhere else again — and we have the yard to show why.(Bonny & Chris D.)

…Arvo has designed and built a garden for us on two occasions. He has built hardscaping, as well as creating a raised patio and a fire pit. In both homes we have felt that the outdoor space he created has been a wonderful place to wile away the hours. His eye for flora is fantastic, but he makes sure to listen and incorporate the ideas of the clients into the plans. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a beautiful outdoor space.(Jennifer & Adam Z.)

…Finlandscape designed and constructed beautiful trellises, a firepit, patio, pergola, fountain and a garden. We knew that we wanted all of the hardscaping and they were done perfectly. The plants, trees and flowers were all suggested by Arvo and we were a little uncertain, because it was hard to imagine how it would all look. As it turns out, the plantings have been the icing on the cake. Our garden continues to become more and more beautiful and peaceful, now 6 yrs after it was completed. All of the garden structures have held up perfectly– very well built. We cannot say enough about Arvo and Finlandscape.(Trisha & Evan T.)

…Finlandscape provided a natural setting for our yard, that has increased my property value and has brought us great enjoyment and pleasure. So if you are tired of the same boring landscape, and you crave something exciting and extraordinary, please call Finlandscape. It will be the best decision you ever made.
My home sits on a large lot with a large side and front yard, but practically no backyard. The yard is located at a 3-way intersection, and offered no privacy for outdoor living.
Finlandscape created a beautiful outdoor “two room” design with paved patios, winding walkways and amazing trees, shrubs and flowers on our front and side yard.
One area has a pergola and a large 2-tier fountain offering shade and a wonderful place to relax. The second area has a bar and a stone wall, that offers perfect place to set cushions for additional seating. Raised landscaped mounds around the outside beds with thick lush pine trees and shrubs give us plenty of privacy. Our yard is the envy of all of our friends and neighbors, and everyone wants to come to our little outdoor paradise.(Beverly V.)

…We were looking to add a simple landscaped patio to our backyard and augment our existing front and side landscaping with some new shrubs and plants. Finlandscape created a lovely design that met our needs and they were clearly focused on doing a great job. Our experience was very positive as their team was able to keep to a tight timeframe and delivered exactly what we wanted.(Mr & Mrs Ken H.)

…Finlandscape provided an outdoor design for my front yard that was beautiful and maintenance free. The owner came out and designed a plan that was filled with shrubs and beautiful flowers. For several years now they come back each spring/summer and maintain my yard with trimming and edging. Overall my experience with Finlanscape has been very positive and professional.(Mr & Mrs Jeff J.)

…Please convey our particular thanks to your staff for a commendable job in transforming our back yard into what we now regard as our pride and joy. When a vendor puts all its resources at the request of a customer, as Finlandscape did with our sunroom and landscaping project, he creates a bond between them. In the future when we want a good job done we will come to you.(Mr & Mrs David W.)