A QUALITY LANDSCAPE: A harmonious result of creating a new environment using nature’s elements, architectural materials and proper design theme. Whether you need an English Garden, a Formal French Garden, an Italian Renaissance Garden, or an all American contemporary garden, Finlandscape can help you to create an original solution to your landscape needs to meet your taste and and budget.

OUR DESIGN PROCESS: Starting from a mental picture, a dream that a client already has, or we will help to create one, we can transform an empty piece of land into a beautifully landscaped property. We will start by creating a Landscape Master Plan based on a landscape theme, that is in harmony with the architecture of the home, the owner’s taste and the natural properties of the site. Combining nature’s elements, grading, traffic patterns, landscape structures, hardscaping and desired plant selection we will work with you to bring life, function and beauty to every property.